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Style Managers Search and Replace View allows you to list all instances of a property or value, and replace them easily.



The screen will look blank to begin with. The UI only populates when a query is present.


There are two ways to search selectors. By Value or by Property.


Search by Value

This is used if you want to replace specific values. For example, you may want to find a particular color in a design, then replace every instance as a variable.

Search by Property

This is used when you need to see what properties are active, and change them as neccesarry. For Example, you may search 'font-size' - this will show you all instances where a font sizes is set, and you can then change them as desired

Replacing Values

Once you have entered your query and obtained the desired result, you can then either Replace All values by using the input in the sidebar, or enter values individually in the search result. Once you are happy, hitting replace all will perform the operation